28 juillet 2016

Hi(gh) Fi(ve) 034 - 2016 07 27 / Mellow & June / guests : Zo & YoggyOne (Special Show : 2nd Season Finale Show)

Special Show : 2nd Season Finale Show !
Special Guests : Zo aka La Chauve Souris & Yoggy One !

Nota : Due to the live condition, numerous lacks and mistakes may have been included in the following tracklisting. We do apologize for the inconvenience.  😢

Jeff Parker "Executive Life" (International Anthem Recording Company, 2016)
Tall Black Guy "Far From Human" (TBG, 2016)
David Axelrod "You’re So Vain" (Fantasy, 1974)
Pieces Of A Dream "Mt. Airy Groove" (Electra, 1982)
Tanya Winley "Vicious Rap" (Paul Winley Records, 1980)
Bob James "Nautilus" (CTI, 1974)
Irakere "Chekeré Son" (Integra, 1979)

Zo aka La Chauve Souris Mix Set

Among Other things : Delights (Detroit) ; Knowledge ; Pete Rock ; Cosmic Machine ; etc …
Perrion x Myth Syzer "East Love" (High Off Music, 2012)
Adrian Cooker "Air Graces"
Sharshooters feat. Mc Lut "Loved Walk Past (rmx Lovely)" (Light In The Attic , 2003)
Computer Jay "Maintain" (Ramp, 2010)
Flying Lotus "Sangria Full Cycle" (The Do-Over, 2010)
Flying Lotus "It’s A Secret" (Milan, 2007)
Thundercat "Without You" (Brainfeeder, 2013)
Chassol "Two Lines" (Tricatel, 2013)
Chassol "Little Krishna & The Girls" (Tricatel, 2013)
Zo + Yoggy One Mix Set
Miscelaneous killer tunes …

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