17 novembre 2014

Hi(gh) Fi(ve) 005 - 2014 11 17 / June.

Paul McCartney "Ram on"
Charles Lloyd 4tet "Autumn prelude / Autumn leaves"
Declared Enemy "Flowers"
Egberto Gismonti & Nana Vasconcelos "Quarto mundo +1"
Randy Weston "Purple gazelle"
Ralph Thomas "Big spliff"
Charles Metcalf "Fidalgo detour"
Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble "The African look"
Reuben Wilson "So’ nuff melon"
Lana Cantrell "Yes sir, that’s my baby"
Johnny Mathis "Eleanor rigby"
Shirley Bassey "Light my fire"
Michael Formanek "The rub and spare change"
John Coltrane "One down, one up"
Eddie Harris "Love right now"
Ramsey Lewis "Living for the city"
Felt Pilotes "Song of love"

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